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littleSUNDAY was formed by a twist of events that lead to the ultimate union of its four members. In fairy tale fashion, drummer Eric Bonatti, guitarist JP, and bassist Mario Stamegna discovered their lead vocalist, Rick Farrell, who would became the final and most influential member of the band. 

"littleSUNDAY delivers an exciting stage show reminding me of my arena rock heroes of the 70s. Their original sound unquestionably raises the bar of today's music" (Chris White, Publisher / Party in Kingston) 

littleSUNDAY journeyed its way onto the music scene delivering a natural blend of rock music. When describing the sound of littleSUNDAY, it's no surprise that critics and fans alike draw from the same fountain of the rock gods themselves: just think alternative rock with irresistible melodic hooks while integrating classic rock influences. It's as if Stone Temple Pilots, Nickelback and Collective Soul were put in a blender with Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. What you get is a Rock~lectic! Then throw in awe-inspiring live performances; it's true ROCK EUPHORIA! 

The group has experimented with various kinds of rock genres, and in the end melded all of their influences into the radio-friendly alt-rock sound they possess today. It is one that will easily fit with artists that are popular today, as evidenced by their recent pairings with comparative acts such as Big Wreck, Default, Grady, Suzie McNeil, Edwin, Honeymoon Suite, See Spot Run, Jonas, and Econoline Crush. Make no mistake, littleSUNDAY music brings something to the table for everyone: crunching guitar riffs and a super solid drum attack for the rock purists, poignant lyrics to draw in the sentimentalists, and sweet hooks that catch the attention of all those in between. 

“littleSUNDAY are one of the hardest working Indie bands I have come across. They are so dedicated and I look forward to watching them achieve the levels of success that they deserve..." (Derm Carnduff, Program Director / Y108 ROCKS, 107.9FM) 

In 2003, littleSUNDAY released their first CD, “Day of Hollow”. The release revealed a harder edged flair, which soon landed several awards including 'Best Online Band', 'Rogers Online Superstars', and inclusion on several promotional compilations. As the band evolved, they dipped into the alt-pop scene on 2006’s 'Cross the Line'. The release of their second album seeded not only a distribution deal with Yahoo! Music Canada, but a major endorsement by Carparelli Guitars, a company noted for their stellar workmanship and their crafting of some of the finest musical instruments in the world. While both albums had regional success and garnered industry attention, these talented musicians realized they needed to solidify their sound, merging the rock with the pop, and the result is a revitalized and innovative style sure to put this band on the map outside of their home base. 

In late November of 2007, littleSUNDAY released their third CD, “Wait For Tomorrow” across Canada, under the Addictive/ Universal Music label. The title track was serviced to major stations throughout the country. One listen to tracks such as “It’s My Life” and “Too Late” from the “Wait For Tomorrow” album, exemplify this new direction, and it cannot be denied that this band has taken all of their experience and grown into a force to be reckoned with in the musical arena. The first single is still in rotation in major regional radio stations. In 2009, littleSUNDAY released, “Let it All Out”. Tracks such as “Pretty Girl”, “Sweet Conversation” and “Get Out” not only received steady rotation on radio and internet radio, but also have appeared in several short films and extreme sports DVDs. “Let it All Out” also garnished accolades that included, 'Breakout Band 2008', 'Best New Rock 2009 at the BNM Awards'. 

“littleSUNDAY is the epitome of Canadian rock music: strong rock songs with catchy melodies, powerful vocals and solid song-writing" (Melanie Schade, Music Director & Editor) 

In the spring of 2012 to present day, littleSUNDAY began work on their newest recordings project, ''. Described by drummer Eric Bonatti as a 'labor of love', the new recording is shaping to be a 14 track collection of songs that not only test the band’s versatility in creating `light and shade,' but more importantly, the new music will showcase the their ability to become story tellers.

"Throughout my musical journey with littleSUNDAY, I had the privilege of meeting many new people. I'd hear their stories about love, loss pain and joy. I kept a personal journal where I reflected on these experiences and realised I had a guide for living life. The morals we learn from real life experiences truly put our personal lives in perspective. I soon became obsessed in sharing them through song. What came next was a collection of music that literally wrote themselves." (Rick Farrell) 

The accolades they’ve received already are proof positive that they deserve more than just casual consideration. From inclusion on numerous compilation CDs, rotation airplay on various radio stations, endorsements by highly respected instrument companies, and a distribution deal, it is readily apparent that people are taking notice. Is littleSUNDAY the “next big thing”? Some questions in life are tough to answer, but this one is easy – unequivocally yes!